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Dr. Mohammad Ali Yaghan


Ph.D. in Design
1993-1997 Institute of Art and Design - University of Tsukuba Japan
  • Specializing in the field of Islamic of Architecture and Computer Aided Design.
  • The thesis is entitled "The Islamic Architectural Element "Muqarnas": Definition, Geometrical Analysis, and a Computer Generation System."
M.Sc. in CABD (Computer Aided Building Design)
1987-1988 University of Strathclyde U.K.
  • The thesis is entitled: "Islamic Geometrical Pattern Generation System: Theory and Application."
B.Sc. in Architecture
1982-1987 University of Jordan Jordan

Professional Experience:

Nov.2006-present Muqarnas for design Jordan
Associate Professor
Sep.2007-present College of Architecture and Design, German Jordanin Univeristy Jordan
Associate Professor - Dean
Oct.2003-Sep.2007 College of Architecture and Arts, University of Petra Jordan
Associate Professor
Dec.2002-Oct.2003 College of Architecture and Planning, King Saud University Saudi Arabia
Assistant Professor
Sep.1998-Present College of Architecture and Planning, King Saud University Saudi Arabia
Assistant Professor
July 1997 - Aug.1998 College of Architecture and Arts, University of Petra Jordan
Sep. 1991- Sep.1993 College of Architecture and Arts, University of Petra Jordan
Jan.1990 - Aug.1991 Department of Architecture, Jordan University for Science and Technology Jordan
Dec.1988 - Jan.1990 Jardaneh and Co. Engineering firm Jordan


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  • Member of the advisory board of the Architectural Science Review 2004-5
  • Member of the Jordan Engineer Association
  • Member of the Japanese Society for the Science of Design


  • A Constructive Toy, a Ministry of Trade and Commerce patent, Amman, Jordan.


  • "Geometrical Dual Vision-Islamic Art and Computers," University of Tsukuba, June 28 to July the first, 1994. A one-man show.
  • "Katachi U Symmetry": An exhibition of the international symposium held in University of Tsukuba November 21-25, 1994. Participating with three-dimensional muqarnas forms.
  • The Exhibition of the "Symposium on Mosque Architecture," held in King Saud University, Jan.30-Feb.3, 1999. Participating with 3 posters.

Computer Skills:

  • Programming Languages: ActionScript, LISP, AUTOLISP, Visual Basic, HTML, and VRML
  • Graphic Applications: AutoCAD, Flash, 3DMax, Photoshop, Illustrator.
  • Projects:
    • The Design of five new Arabic fonts
    • A commercial program for muqarnas design.
    • A commercial program for designing arches.
    • A software package for creating muqarnas forms. "Structural Genuine Muqarnas Dome," A program for creating a special type of muqarnas.

Language Skills:

  • Arabic as a mother language
  • English as a second language
  • Japanese (with the ability to lead a conversation and read and write simple texts - and intensive and other courses at the University of Tsukuba).
  • French (basic level)

Current Research:

  • "Computerizing the Arabic Thuluth Font."
  • "Muqarnas-Decoding Program"

Research Interest:

  • Muqarans, Islamic Art and Architecture, and Arabic Calligraphy.
  • CAD, and Virtual Reality.

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